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General Counsel
While large companies often have their own in-
house attorneys to deal with legal issues
, small
business cannot afford an in-house counsel.
those companies, it is essential to engage the
services of an experienced corporate lawyer.  

Due to their sensitive nature, there can be legal
consequences if these requirements are not done
correctly.  Overlooking a small detail will not
result in lost time, but loss of your assets.
As a business owner, you need legal counsel
when dealing with any one of these matters.

No matter the size of your business, you n
eed to
have legal representation from an attorney who
will act in its best interests in all legal matters
when you hire us

Here are some of the services we provide to our
corporate clients:

Corporate Maintenance

•  Prepare corporate documents that
relate to good standing of your business
with its organizing state as well as other
corporate actions (Annual Shareholder and
Board of Directors Meetings, Minutes,
Unanimous Consents, Secretary
Certificates, Incumbency Certificates)

•  File government forms in a timely manner
so all company information is up to date in
government registries.

•  Organize company documents so they are
easily accessible when needed.

Business Contracts and Transactions

•   Represent your business and your interests
when drafting and reviewing contracts.

•    Provide guidance in business formation
and structuring, assist in debt collection and
loan and financial transactions.

Concentrate on growing your business. We will
take care of your business’ good standing.